La Petite France, the former district of the tanners, picturesque and full of charm with its timbered houses and canals. 67000 Strasbourg. La Petite France (also known as the Quartier des Tanneurs; German: Gerberviertel; "Tanner's Quarter") is a historic quarter of the city of Strasbourg in eastern France. Ses maisons à colombage, ses petites ruelles et ses quais … In the city of Strasbourg, of course. I would recommend renting a motorboat. ... Office de Tourisme de Strasbourg et sa Région. 11. The seat of many institutions, Strasbourg, a key European city, can be discovered through numerous visits that will bring to life the values of peace, democracy and reconciliation between peoples. Strasbourg: Europe ' s beating heart. Informationen und Reservierungen. In the 16th century, a hospital was established here for the soldiers of King of France François I.At this time, Strasbourg was still a Free City in the Holy Roman Empire and many soldiers of the French king were afflicted with venereal diseases contracted during the Italian Wars. Homepage Aktivitäten „Kleinfrankreich“ (Petite France) Beschreibung Öffnungszeiten und Preise. No visit in Strasbourg is complete without being there. There are also a number of nice restaurants around the square where visitors can grab a bite to eat. Origins of the Petite France district. Ebenfalls interessant. Place Gutenberg is conveniently located close to the cathedral and to Petite France. La Petite France is a must when you are in Strasbourg. Tourisme Strasbourg quartier Petite France en Alsace Photos de nos vacances en Alsace et tourisme à Strasbourg dans le quartier de la Petite France. La Petite France was the corner of fisherman, tanners and millers. Philippe de Rexel. The most picturesque part of Strasbourg. The Rohan Palace housing the Museum of Fine Arts, the Museum … Covered Bridges. Emblématique de Strasbourg, la Petite France est l’ancien quartier des meuniers, tanneurs et pêcheurs. Important, you have to book it in advance. It is enough to simply lose yourself in the streets of this quarter. Europe makes its mark on the heart of Strasbourg! Favorit. Strasbourg is immersed in Franco-German culture and although violently disputed throughout history, has been a cultural bridge between France and Germany for centuries, especially through the University of Strasbourg, currently the second-largest in France, and the … Aussichsterrasse des Vaubandamms Strasbourg. Petite France Partagez avec: Adresse Petite France, Strasbourg, 67000, France GPS 48.578469,7.743553 Tel +33 (0)3 88 52 28 28 E-mail Website Its bridges, half-timbered houses and winding streets make it highly popular with visitors. The house Kammerzell, half-timbered house in the Renaissance style. Today, this square boasts a statue of the inventor as well as a vintage carousel that is a fun diversion for children. The Petite France is the most picturesque part of the historical centre of Strasbourg.